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Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

We invite you to learn more about the eco-friendly, money saving, heating, cooling, and domestic hot water heater - GEOTHERMAL!    Delivering comfort and savings; Comfort you can afford to live with!


Great sites to check out:  and


Benefits to consider:

  • Efficiency - 340-400% efficient
  • Economical - Huge savings & Energy Star rated
  • Earth Friendly - NO fossil fuel burning!
  • Comfortable - even temperature and humidity
  • Safe - No open flames, fumes, or soot
  • Simplicity - single units
  • Flexibility - can be mounted just about anywhere
  • Dependable - very little maintenance
  • Added Value -  to your house with a cost conscious, environmentally friendly heating, cooling, and demand hot water system!


You will not regret choosing a geothermal system. It will be the best decision you make for your home's comfort!


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