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Although, no matter how efficient the heat pump, the earth loop is the key to the geothermal system's economic performance, system reliability, property value increase, and customer's satisfaction. While the earth loop provides a heat sink for cooling, it is more important to us, in this climate, for the heat energy it captures. Therefore, the larger the earth loop, the more heat capacity is available to heat the home. This earth loop heat energy is free. Free heat energy has no efficiency rating, however, a larger earth loop would provide more free heat energy than a smaller one.


The earth loop systems that GeoMasters designs are based on years of practical installation experience, many hours of research, and some common sense. Since more than 60% of the heat energy that is required to heat the home is extracted from the earth loop for free, our design provides for an earth loop length that is generally 20% to 30% larger than our competitors would normally design. Although the competition does not necessarily do anything wrong by designing a smaller earth loop, they are, however, slightly subjective in their engineering of the system itself. By emphasizing their brand of geothermal heat pump's efficiency, they declare a smaller earth loop will still provide the needed heat energy.


Our bias is toward the earth loop; piping that is maintenance free and indestructible. In addition to a permanent improvement to the property and engulfed by heat energy that is free for the capture. We keep away from any conceivable hazards.  The earth loop pipe will most likely remain in place, soaking up heat, for the next hundred years maybe longer. Therefore, a compromise in the earth loop capacity would not be an unintelligent choice, just an uninformed choice. The earth loop is after all, where the heat comes from.

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